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 The Best of Bridge Today Digest $14.95

Granovetter, Pamela and Matthew, Ed.
Bridge Today Digest is renowned for its practical advice, its wonderful bridge stories, and the wry humor and personal touch of its editors. For this collection, they have selected the very best pieces from their first year, and have come up with a compendium that every bridge play can read, enjoy, and learn from. It includes short pieces from world-renowned writers, questions and comments from readers (and the editors' responses to them!), and a wealth of deals, anecdotes and advice.

Paperback, ISBN 1-894154-39-8, 192 pages


 Bridge Conventions in Depth $19.95

Granovetter, Pamela and Matthew
These wonderful agreements and gadgets turn your everyday bidding system into something personal, something that fits the exact style that you and your partner want to play. And now you can choose from some seventy expert-level ideas to add to your bidding arsenal, quickly and painlessly. In this book you'll find: Basic Conventions - the Rest of the Story: find out how top-level players have turbocharged such standard conventions as Stayman, Jacoby and Texas Transfers, Drury, Weak Jump Shifts, and more. Bread and Butter Conventions: some conventions that are standard with most experts but may not be for you, such as Smolen, Slow Arrival, Italian Cuebids, the best defenses to Multi and Bergen Raises, Retransfers, Clarifying Cuebids, and others. Defensive and Cardplay Conventions: learn more about Trump Suit Preference, Obvious Shirt Carding, the Slam Spade Double, the Lead-directing Pass, and many more. Find Arts Conventions: not for the faint of heart, some of these ideas will really make you sit up and take notice. Would you enjoy playing Last Train to Clarkesville, Yellow Rose of Texas, Vacant Doubletons, Double Keycard Blackwood, Trent West Two-bids, or the XYZ Conventions, for example? Read this book and find out!

Paperback, ISBN 1-894154-56-8, 290 pages


 For Experts Only $14.95

Granovetter, Pamela and Matthew, Ed.
For Experts Only is a collection of 13 great essays, designed to challenge the imagination of the expert bridge player. Authors include the crème-de-la-crème: The Granovetters, Eddie Kantar, Alvin Roth, Terence Reese, Kit Woolsey, Eric Kokish, Martin Hoffman, Alan Truscott, Jeff Rubens and others.

Paperback, ISBN 0-940257-16-5, 208 pages


 Conventions at a Glance, Updated $9.95

Granovetter, Pamela and Matthew
Expanded Edition of this best-seller. More than 190 conventions and how to defend against them in a handy pocket-sized guide. Includes 30 new conventions. Keep this book by your computer when playing bridge on the Internet!

Paperback, ISBN 0-940257-15-7, 112 pages


 Forgive Me, Partner! $14.95

Granovetter, Pamela and Matthew
Subtitled The Guide to a Successful Partnership, this book is a valuable tool for all players who want to improve in critical situations at the bridge table. Includes agreements and rules, convention checklist, delayed raises, doubles and four-notrump bids, forcing-pass guidelines, how to be a popular teammate, opening-lead styles, partnership principles, questions on overcalls, redoubles for rescue and redoubles to play, scenes from a married partnership, 70 treatments to discuss, stress, troubleshooting, ways to help partner, and much, much more. Awarded Book of the year by ABTA.

Paperback, ISBN 0-940257-21-1, 168 pages


 Bridge Additions 96 $12.95

Granovetter, Matthew
Subtitled New Age Inventions Tempered with Old-Fashioned Advice. Granovetter introduces the reader to the revolutionary ideas that will become standard by the end of the century. He stresses clarity and simplicity in combating the complex machinery of the new age and gives practical advice on how to utilize the new concepts in your own partnerships.

Paperback, ISBN 0-940257-19-X, 144 pages


 Tops and Bottoms $11.95

Granovetter, Pamela and Matthew
Included are 52 real-life stories of tops and bottoms. How did Marty Cohn go down 8 redoubled in two notrump? Why did Andy Bernstein get a top for just following suit? How did Sidney Lazard bid and make four hearts on a 4-1 fit? What was the story behind the opening lead that cost $50,000.00? How did Dick Frey lose a Spingold match while travelling on the Long Island Railroad? Why did Paul Heitner get a bottom for bidding and making a doubled slam? Every tale of triumph or disaster is followed by a post mortem dialogue between Matthew and Pamela Granovetter.

Paperback, ISBN 0-940257-00-9, 182 pages


 Movie Guide for Bridge Players $14.95

Granovetter, Pamela
180 classic movies recommended by Pamela Granovetter with review and bridge-related comments for every film.

Paperback, ISBN 0-940257-20-3, 192 pages


I Shot My Bridge Partner $14.95

Matthew Granovetter
This is the second title in the Bridge Mystery trilogy. First published in 1989, this book has been out of print for several years. Like its predecessor, Murder at the Bridge Table, it's a mystery and a bridge textbook all in one, and does both exceptionally well. The first book in the series concentrated on duplicate bridge strategy, while this one centers on rubber bridge - the form of the game played socially.

Paperback, 384 pp., ISBN 1-894154-12-6


 Murder at the Bridge Table $14.95

Matthew Granovetter
First published in 1988, this book has been out of print for several years. It's a mystery and a bridge textbook all in one, and accomplishes both exceptionally well. Based on the author's own experiences, and set in and around a Manhattan bridge club, the story includes many real-life characters whose names will be familiar to readers.

Paperback, 320 pp., ISBN 1-894154-11-8


 Bridge Team Murders (paperback) $14.95

Granovetter, Matthew
Murder at the team trials! How-to-play-team-bridge manual - within a murder mystery! This book is the third in a trilogy of bridge mysteries. Contains many good tips for the advancing player.

Paperback, ISBN 0-940257-13-0, 400 pages


 Bridge Team Murders (hardcover) $20.95

Granovetter, Matthew
Murder at the team trials! How-to-play-team-bridge manual - within a murder mystery! This book is the third in a trilogy of bridge mysteries. Contains many good tips for the advancing player.

Hardcover, ISBN 0-940257-14-9, 400 pages


 Jenny Mae, the Bridge Pro $8.95

Hoffman, Martin and Granovetter, Matthew
Meet Jenny Mae, an up-and-coming bridge pro living in New York City. Laugh and cry with Jenny Mae as she makes her way up the bridge-pro ladder, playing with hilarious characters such as Dizzy Agnes, Harry the Horse, Mr and Mrs Oilfield and her arch rival, fellow pro Pickles Peeker. The bridge hands are marvelous and teach the reader to think like an expert.

Paperback, ISBN 0-940257-18-1, 128 pages


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