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Matthew Granovetter is co-editor of Bridge Today Magazine and has written a dozen books on bridge, including a mystery-novel trilogy, Murder at the Bridge Table, I Shot My Bridge Partner, and The Bridge Team Murders. His books have been translated in Italian, Polish and Chinese as well.

Winner of numerous U.S. National Championships, Matthew has represented the United States in competitions in France, England and Monte Carlo, and has won both the Cavendish Pairs and Bridge Today All-Star Game (#4). He appeared for two seasons in the BBC television series, "Grand Slam," and has lectured about the game all over the world.


Pamela Granovetter is co-editor of Bridge Today Magazine and the author of several books on the game, including Conventions at a Glance, the acclaimed book on defense, A Switch in Time, and most recently Forgive Me, Partner!, winner of the American Bridge Teachers Association "Book of the Year" Award.

Pamela has won several national championships, including the U.S. Women's Teams, the Cavendish Teams, and the American Professional Association Pairs (all with different partners). She has represented both Canada and the United States in international competition and has placed first or second in international tournaments in Israel and Iceland. She and husband Matthew were the only couple ever to win jointly the Greater New York Bridge Association "Player of the Year" award for pairs and teams, winning every team event in New York that year.

Pamela has also authored a Shopping Guide to Mystery Books and a guide to Movies for Bridge Players. For the last 12 years she has co-authored the Partnership Bridge column for the American Contract League Bridge Monthly Bulletin and currently writes a column for the OKbridge Spectator. Pamela lives in Jerusalem, Israel, with her husband and three children, and also authors a weekly Bible lesson on her web site, Judaism for Beginners.


Larry is considered to be one of the top 10 players in the country. Authored To Bid or Not to Bid about the Law Of Total Tricks, and it is the best-selling bridge book of the 90's with more than 50,000 copies sold in a total of six different languages. Recently the sequel, Following the LAW has also been a best-seller. Author of other books and many magazine articles. Director of the prestigious Bridge World's Master Solver's Club. Worldwide lecturer on bridge (gave series of lectures in Australia). Teacher of bridge classes for all levels. Viewgraph commentator at national championships. Chairman of the ACBL Hall-of-Fame Committee.


In the 1960's Marshall Miles won several major national bridge championship in the United States including the Spingold, Reisinger, and Life Masters' Pairs. He has written several books including How to Win at Duplicate Bridge, All Fifty-Two Cards (recently expanded and republished), Bridge from the Top, (Books 1 and 2), Stronger Competitive Bidding, Defensive Signals, and Reisinger Challenge. Also numerous articles for the Bridge Bulletin, Bridge World, and a monthly hand for Bridge Today.




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